Transform social noise into crowd participation

Poptip Questions

Poptip creates meaningful, actionable interactions on social media. Instead of just shouting out, brands, broadcasters, and publishers can engage in two-way dialogues with the crowd. With Poptip Questions, conversation leads to insight then action.

Ask your
fans a question

Prompt your followers to share their opinion. They simply respond on the social networks they already visit.

Open Ended Analysis

Poptip analyzes every word from your fans' Tweets and Facebook replies. You’ll never miss an answer, even to open-ended questions.

Workflow Integration

Schedule posts and set deadlines for how long you want to collect responses.

Know public opinion

Poptip tabulates the crowd’s opinion instantly.

Trending Words

See the most frequently mentioned words in replies, and quickly tabulate by watching responses roll in.

Group Synonyms

Group together words that mean the same thing so that you get a clear analysis.

Audit Votes

Taking a poll? Easily audit votes, and even change the way you want certain replies to count.

Share Your Results

Customize your results with branding and colors. Then share your results on Facebook or Twitter, embed them on any webpage, or use our API for on-air display.

From noise
to sound advice

Results are the first part in a larger conversation that helps reveal insights, connect with audiences, and guide your actions.

Feature your question at the top of the page

Search social history

Poptip never deletes your data, so you can search past posts and understand past trends.

Analyze hashtags

Activate a unique hastag for campaigns, commercials, or out of home. Poptip's full text analysis helps you understand what people talk about when they use that hashtag.

Understand trends

Understand trends based on a comprehensive breakdown of all responses to your Tweet or Facebook posts.

Discover the power of crowd participation

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