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Our mission: help questioning people understand the right information at the right time.

Help Questioning People

Questioning people include anyone who wants to know more about a topic: individuals, organizations, consumer-centric brands, broadcasters, publishers, and the public sector.

Understand the Right Information

Understanding the right information means being able to easily comprehend and use relevant information in a simple format.

At the Right Time

In today's day, the right time often means “right now.” A focus on real time helps deliver information on time and helps our customers stay ahead.

We serve:

Brands, content companies, and organizations seeking to connect with passionate consumers and understand public opinion.

We empower:

Fans, citizen reporters, and anyone on social networks wanting to have a voice.


Poptip is a Crowd Participation platform that helps companies understand and act on social conversation. Poptip's sophisticated software analyzes what people say on social media, so enterprise clients can engage in a two-way dialogue with followers and fans, as well as make real-time data-driven decisions. Poptip eliminates the need for manual analysis, and transforms social media from simply a marketing tool into a communication & research tool.


Getting smart ideas and understanding what works is a back & forth process. Want to find the perfect gift for a friend? Ask them. How do you know the best jokes in a standup act? Gauge the crowd reaction. But making decisions on behalf of a passionately loved brand, school, or organization is difficult! You’d think the rise of social media would help. But it actually just creates more noise. Until now. Poptip has stepped up to the plate to make sense of what people are talking about. Poptip makes crowd feedback helpful and usable.


Ori Allon

Founder of Orion, Julpan, and Urban Compass

Scott Belsky

Founder of Behance

David Tisch

Founder of Techstars NYC, Box Group

Tricia Black

Former VP of Sales at Facebook

Lee Ann Daly

Former CMO at Thomson Reuters, Former CMO at ESPN

Soraya Darabi

Former New York Times digital, co-founder Foodspotting and Zady

Jared Hecht

Founder of GroupMe

Steve Martocci

Founder of GroupMe

Amer Rehman

Angel investor

Lerer Ventures

Softbank Capital

RSE Ventures


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